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Thanks to co-working we have a portfolio of services available that adapts to your needs. From a logo design, the 3D modeling of your office or building, the corporate image of your company, the production of your business stationery, or the management and positioning in social networks, to the architectural design of the house of your dreams...


Everything you need in one place ...


- Architectural design:

Housing, Commercial, Industrial, Offices.

- Specialized Architectural Design:

Medical, chemical, production laboratories

and analysis, etc.

- Urban design

- Interior design

- Furniture

- Consulting

- Architectural, Structural Surveys,

Electrical, Hydrosanitary, etc.

- Amounts and Budgets

- Planimetries

- 3D modeling

- Rendered

- Virtual Models

- BIM Manager



 Laboratory Design and Adaptation Service ​ With 10 years of experience in the development of architectural design projects and specialized furniture, offering solutions adapted to the needs of the user and the end customer under national and international standards, we improve the characteristics of laboratories and physical facilities by implementing regulations and codes. design through international regulations in each of the design stages (Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering) in order to ensure that the workspaces guarantee compliance with regulations, are technically viable and functional, guaranteeing the operation of equipment and processes , adjusted to budget, with safe spaces with contamination control, industrial hygiene and human safety (worker protection and laboratory equipment) flexible, modular and adaptable spaces to future requirements; All this through interdisciplinary work between engineering companies involved to guarantee and deliver comprehensive projects (Architectural Design, Structural Design, Interior Design and Furniture, Design of electrical networks, lighting, Hydrosanitary and fire-fighting Design, Design of communication and data networks, Design of gas networks, Design of HVAC ventilation and air conditioning systems). ​ ​




The development of each stage of our projects is under the international BIM standard, to ensure high quality in the projects, integrating each engineering involved under the BIM model. OPENBIM and *IFC as a platform and language for exchange and interoperability of the methodology, guaranteeing a permanent flow of work between disciplines. ​ NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS ​ According to the need, the regulations are implemented according to the type of space to be designed:

  • Microbiology Laboratories

  • Physicochemistry Laboratories R&D

  • Laboratories Sensory Analysis

  • Laboratories Biosafety

  • Laboratories Level 1, 2, 3 and 4


Likewise, we apply the current regulations in relation to the different systems and support networks of a laboratory, among which are: ​​


Architecture, civil and biosafety specialty:

  • ISO 17025 /14644

  • ISO 22716.

  • OMS Informe 32 (Organización Mundial de la Salud)

  • SEFA 1,2,3 & 4(Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association)

  • Normas de bioseguridad de la NSF49

  • Manual de bioseguridad en laboratorios de la OMS.

  • Norma estructural ACI318-14

  • BPL

  • DEP 34171031-Gen

  • OSHA 8 CCR 5162 (a-b)

  • NTP 646

  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106, 1910.36

  • OSHA 3151

  • Resolución 2674 de julio  22 de 2013 del Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social.

  • Resolución 16078 de 1985

  • Resolución 03131 de 1998 Manual de Buenas Prácticas de Manufactura de Productos Farmacéuticos con base en Recursos Naturales Vigentes

  • La resolución 1619 de 2015, la cual es regulada por el INVIMA para los laboratorios de las plantas de alimentos.

  • Normas Colombianas de Diseño y Construcción Sismo Resistente (NSR-2010)


- Graphic and WEB Design

- Corporate image


- Consulting and campaign coordination


Diseño arquitectónico

Architecture and Urbanism

Diseño gráfico


Marketing Digital

Digital marketing

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